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  • Video Cooking Tutorials
  • Educational Videos
  • SUPPORT GROUPS (like a mini facebook for keto)!

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Adds exclusive Q&A access where you can ask Craig and Maria any questions plus much more.

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Adds live weekly webinar access where you can ask Maria any questions you have and more. 

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Adds Meal Plan Generator that plans your meals and generates grocery lists. You also get a Shopping List and menus with saved meal plans to choose from and even save your own. 

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  • Meal Plan Generator
  • Personal Macros Targets based on your body and your goals
  • Access Saved Meal plans Generated by Maria and Craig
  • Automatic Grocery lists
  • Menu generator with grocery lists


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Maria, I have to admit I was skeptical about the meal plan. but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. it makes it really easy and saves me so much time and just teaches me the right thing. you really did do a fabulous job. thank you. I love the exercises you recommended in the meal plan too which are doable and I hope to implement that also in the next few weeks as soon as I learn how to make that bread. thank you Maria. you do a good job! I got a lot for my money.


I began in April 2012. Despite the mis-marked dates in the 1st pic ( they were correct month but actually in 2012. I began for health and weight loss was a bonus. Thus last year I lost my Dad and went through the most stressful period of my life. Throughout I have stayed within 6 lbs and have managed to persevere without depression which before would have been impossible. The family pic was at a wedding in April of this year and the pet pic was late this summer. My life is forever changed for the better.


I am pleased to say that my diabetic meds were cut in half dosages every time I visited the doctor, approximately every two months. The end result was that I went from a combination med for the diabetes to taking 1/2 of a metformin tab within about 8 months, and have been off all diabetic meds for 4 months now, with perfect A1C results. I was on meds for 10.5 months. I am down 130 lbs in one year! Never thought this would happen 🙂


Results you can FEEL!

“I have had weight issues since I was a child. I had tried many of the weight loss diets from WW to Slim Fast to the Cabbage Soup diet, etc. But when a friend of mine told me about Maria’s blog I thought I would check it out. I was having migraines and was having mini seizures three sometimes four times a month. Since I have cut out not only grains but all flours except using almond and coconut flour that Maria uses in her recipes and have gone completely ketogenic not only do I not have any migraines but I’ve not had any seizures.

The reason for my long dialogue is to say that I understand you being questionable about it but I’m telling you that it works. I along with countless others on Maria’s facebook page and other fans of Maria’s blog will tell you it works too. Thank you Maria for showing us the right way to being healthy. God bless you and your family.” – Jolena

Help your kids get healthy too!

“Good afternoon – I have had a few email conversations with you regarding my 7 year old son. He was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease this past summer. You recommended aloe vera and a digestive enzyme as supplements. He is doing absolutely fantastic. He is also following a grain free diet as well as no to low refined sugars. At his month check up with his GI Doctor the Doctor was completely floored with how well he was doing. He weened him off of steroids, he has now been off them for well over a month. We were scared of a possible flare up but hopeful everything we’re doing with his diet changes, supplements, chiropractic care as well as reflexology would keep him from any flare ups. It definitely has!  He has continued to grow and be a champ with understanding his lifestyle changes. We couldn’t be more proud of him. Our entire household has become gluten free as well as mostly grain free. My husband has lost nearly 20 pounds because of thechanges we’ve made. I have followed your advice for several years which has changed my life so transitioning my son was not difficult. Because you are so passionate you have allowed so many of us to educate ourselves. Thank you for all you do!” – Nicole