I have been following you for about four years but didn’t dive in to the Keto life style until a year ago. As I told you on Saturday, it has changed my life. I am at least 30 pounds down. I went from a size 8 to a 2. I was diagnosed in January of 2011 with a rare Sarcoma and haven’t been given a lot of hope. I have been tumor free since and appreciating every day. I have never felt better or have had more energy than I have ever had in my life. Thanks again.


My proudest moment of 2014 has been my transformation to become healthier along with my family and become a much better person. It is still a work in progress (down 55 lbs. so far) but, I have faith in every step no matter how small it is. Thanks so much!


Thanks again for your support.
Just spent a full week of walking and playing and enjoying outings with my six grandchildren. If I had chosen to go to the Fair at all last year … I would have used a wheel chair. This past week, I walked the Minnesota State Fair on the 6th of the 7 days! I will turn 66 this month and feel younger than I did ten years ago. Wake up smiling every day.


Maria, I have to admit I was skeptical about the meal plan. but I was wrong, wrong, wrong. it makes it really easy and saves me so much time and just teaches me the right thing. you really did do a fabulous job. thank you. I love the exercises you recommended in the meal plan too which are doable and I hope to implement that also in the next few weeks as soon as I learn how to make that bread. thank you Maria. you do a good job! I got a lot for my money.


I began in April 2012. Despite the mis-marked dates in the 1st pic ( they were correct month but actually in 2012. I began for health and weight loss was a bonus. Thus last year I lost my Dad and went through the most stressful period of my life. Throughout I have stayed within 6 lbs and have managed to persevere without depression which before would have been impossible. The family pic was at a wedding in April of this year and the pet pic was late this summer. My life is forever changed for the better.


I am pleased to say that my diabetic meds were cut in half dosages every time I visited the doctor, approximately every two months. The end result was that I went from a combination med for the diabetes to taking 1/2 of a metformin tab within about 8 months, and have been off all diabetic meds for 4 months now, with perfect A1C results. I was on meds for 10.5 months. I am down 130 lbs in one year! Never thought this would happen 🙂


“Photo taken in June 2014 before starting Keto with Maria’s plan. Look at that surly face! Not happy at how I look, LOL. After photo Oct.29th, having lost 30 lbs and much happier. Love this lifestyle of eating. NO cravings and often not having ‘real’ hunger. I think I would like to lose another 20 lbs but I am happy to be healthy and at age 63+ I am not taking any prescription meds and want to keep it that way. Thank you Maria for sharing all your knowledge with us, the great recipes and continued support.” – Sue


“Good morning,
I just wanted to share with you, today is day 13 of your advanced healing plan. Yesterday and today I have woken up feeling like a new person. I am only 34 but have felt much older for the past few years (and now that I feel this good think it has been most of my life). My GI issues that have gone on for 2.5 years are slightly improved but the main changes surround my attitude, energy, and skin. The past 2 mornings I have woken up in such a positive mood I have been excited to exercise and to have a good day. I have had so much energy I almost feel like Tigger! Almost, ha ha! My skin has also clearing up, which is something I have battled since my teen years. I have lost about 7 pounds but the most exciting part is how I feel. When I woke up yesterday I felt astonished at how miserable I have felt for many years. I have always been someone who needed 12 hours of sleep but when I started having kids 8 years ago, that really took a toll on me to the point that after reading your information, I am pretty sure I have burnt my adrenal system out and compounded the issues with poor food choices that enhanced inflammation. I suffered weight gain and depression along with anxiety. I would just feel unhappy and spent more energy than I had to get through the day. It is such a cycle and for the first time in my life I feel like I have some control over it. I no longer feel trapped in my dysfunctional body!! Thank you! I want to sing your praises. You have answered my few emails with straightforward and caring replies. You have a personal touch which sets you apart. I have already sent my integrative doctor a message because I know he will want to know more about your plans. Have a great weekend, I know I will!” – Llisa

“Hi Maria! I just wanted to check in with you today and say it has been 7 months of keto-ing with you and as of today, I have lost 100 pounds! It’s so unbelievable to me how much sense this lifestyle makes and yet it goes against everything we have ever learned about eating and nutrition. Well I am clear proof of the positive transformation! Not only are all of my autoimmune diseases in complete remission, but everything about myself is better – moods, skin, hair, nails, stress, sleep, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, eyelashes (!), — everything! Today is a day to celebrate! And to thank you – immensely!!” – Kyria


“Ok… going on complete faith in Maria I JUST ordered the 30 day plan! I know TONS of us had so many questions about it …. so. ….
I opened Day 1… it’s like healthy eating for dummies, but BETTER!!!!
What to do when you get up. .. what to eat for breakfast…
What supplements you should be taking and when, Etc (Written like a schedule for you) The only thing you have to figure out on your own is when to go to the bathroom lol … that MAY be in one of the other pdf files though jk lol
Back to reading…but I wanted to let those that were curious a bit of info. ..I’ll update when I learn more but so far. ..AWESOME!!!!! Thanks, Maria!” -Kel

“I started in mid-June and my family all joined me in July. My husband lost 67 lbs and went from a size 38 to a size 32 pants. He is off of bp meds and his cpap, and fixed his cholesterol.I have lost 63 lbs. I started at a whopping 320 (only 5 foot tall) and am down to 256.6. I have fibromyalgia and eating this way helps my pain so much! I feel so much healthier, no more glue in my gut, and no more insatiable hunger.My daughter was told she was borderline insulin resistant, adhd, and had a behavior disorder. She has lost 38 lbs, and no longer has any symptoms of any of her conditions. She sleeps better at night and has amazing grades in school this year, her first year in Junior high. My oldest daughter also lost around 12 lbs, which was all she needed to lose. My husband is at his goal. I have a long way to go yet, but I’m going to keep on trucking. Keto is the way to go.” – Amanda

“Maria, Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for all that you do for me through this blog! You are a treasure and I am so grateful to you and your family for my healthy lifestyle. and I loved my consult package and the 54 pound weight loss and loads of energy and sleep! Joints are healing. It has been amazing how a change of eating habits has changed my life dramatically. I still cannot almost believe how that food change has made such a significant change in my life and health. How incredible. Have a great week! xo. I am truly grateful for your research and experience. THANK YOU.” – Janet