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Answer for Checking urine ketones

Urine strips are very inaccurate in telling your state of ketosis. 
Our bodies excrete excess ketones in two ways.  Through the urine or through the breath.  When you are testing for ketones in urine you will typically see higher levels in early stages of a ketogenic diet because your body isn’t using ketones for fuel yet.  After you are fully Keto-Adapted (2-4 weeks or so), you will see less and less ketones in your urine because your body in now using more ketones for fuel instead of excreting them through the urine or breath.
The urine test strip is also very susceptible to changes based on your state of hydration.  The more hydrated you are (and we should all be drinking more water with a ketogenic lifestyle) the lower the ketone level on the urine strip.
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