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Protein Sparing Modified Fast (Pure Protein) MasterClass Part 2


  • Fiona says:

    Hi, for some reason there isn’t any content or video showing. It’s in my courses but nothing in it?

  • Michela Belluta says:

    The link for the slides download doesn’t work, it give a 404 error

  • Stephanie Laposky says:

    Hi, when I hit the “click here” to download slides, it says page not found. Am I able to download those somewhere?

  • Robyn Goldstein says:

    Where can i download the slides from the class?

    • Craig Emmerich says:

      Just click the “Materials” tab above and you can download them. They are also linked below the video.

  • Mariella D'Antoni says:

    I purchased protein-sparing videos 1 and 2, but there are no videos.

  • Rogeria Batista says:


    Not sure if i am doing something wrong, but on the class description it says: “Recipes for PSMF days, non-PSMF days and overfeeding days”. I am having trouble finding those.

    Also I have lost a lot of hair over the last years and now I believe it is/was due to the fact of not eating enough protein. Is there any supplement that could help me regain my hair or just hitting my protein target should be enough?

    Best regards,


  • Day Brock says:

    How many of the LMNT’s do you recommend drinking per day to get enough electrolytes?

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