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Answer for Lab Work Parameters

That is a great question!  I will do a science article soon with lots of detail on this.  In the meantime, Maria and I typically look for these.
First, we don’t really focus on cholesterol. We look for inflammation markers like CRP, A1c and triglyceride to HDL ratio.  Here is what we look for with those.
Good: Less than 2.0
Great: Less than 1.0
Good: 5.4 or less
Great: 5.0 or less
Triglyceride to HDL ratio:
Good: 2.0 or less
Great: 1.0 or less (so triglycerides lower than HDL).
There are other tests that we use to determine why a stall or other issue might be happening (ferritin below 50, D3 below 50, etc). I will explain in more detail in the science post. 🙂