Keto Adapted Cookbook – Universal eBook


14 day meal plans with weekly grocery list and 46 tasty recipes.

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This ebook combines what we do best. Tasty keto recipes, beautiful photography and meal plans with grocery lists!

14 days of meal plans with full nutritional breakdowns and weekly grocery lists!  46 tasty recipes that are exclusive to It even has links to interactive versions of the grocery lists!

This volume is great for those that love breakfast options. There are some great side dishes and desserts. If you are looking for more main dish recipes and less breakfasts CLICK HERE. There are:

14 – breakfasts
4 – sauces and bread/tortilla recipes
6 – side dishes
14 – main dishes
8 – desserts

Included is a $9.95 coupon for free silver access to!  (or can be used towards annual membership or towards gold or platinum membership).


  1. marybeth nedley (verified owner)

    Excellent compilation of recipes with beautiful pics and the 2 weeks of meal plans are diverse and meals can be easily interchanged. What I like about the recipes is they appear simple to make and each one has a keto meter and macros are all spelled out. Interesting to note that i haven’t seen any nut flours in the recipes. This works well for me as this can get quite tiring sometimes and I like variety! There are also variations offered for dairy/non-dairy etc as well. The menus are easy to follow and 2 weeks are available. The shopping list is concise and broken down per week. Well done Maria and Craig. The photos are very nice. My first choice is going to be Bacon, Mushroom and Brie soup. Oh how I have missed cream of mushroom soup (childhood comfort food) and I am looking forward to the moment!
    I noticed that some of these recipes are offered thru out the keto-adapted website. I really like that these are organized into an ebook form for easy access and I can get to them quickly! 😉 😉 😉 Gotta say thank you for that one!
    I am a big fan of your books and cookbooks and own every one. I’m so glad I have added this one to my collection! Thank you – your labor of love is quite evident.

  2. Satchel

    You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so traleparsntny clear now!

    • Craig Emmerich


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