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Keto Coaching Certification

By September 20, 2018Course

Keto Coach Certification Program

Become a certified Keto Coach! This program gives you all the tools you need to start your own Keto Coaching business. You get tons of video instruction, 90 days of support and weekly live webinars, and business in a box brand-able content! You even get all the information you need to setup your business including incorporating into an LLC, taxes, website setup and more.
NOTE: At any time you can add on this Supplements Certification Add-On (CLICK HERE).
NOTE: You must complete all sections (mark each as complete at the bottom) before taking the certification exam.

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Course Content

Lessons Status

Welcome and Introduction Introduction and How to Use this Course 10min


How to Use Your Support and Membership How to use your support and this website 9min


What is Keto? 25min


Keto and Carnivore Diets Carnivore Keto Diets 20min


Doing Keto Right for Weight Loss and Healing All about macros and how to do keto the right way 40min


How our Bodies Work Learn how our bodies work from hormones to fat flux 45min


Dispelling the Myths of Keto Dispelling the common myths about ketogenic lifestyles 18min


Finding Root Causes of Disease How to find the real root causes of disease 28min


Reversing Disease by Addressing Root Causes What you can do to reverse root causes of disease 30min


Good Health Markers What are the best markers for health 48min


Fasting All about fasting, when to do it and protein sparing modified fasts 18min


Keto Pantry Makeover How to transform your pantry into a keto pantry 30min


Cooking Videos and Instruction Cooking videos and examples of keto meals 60min


Going Keto! How to start a ketogenic lifestyle and what to expect 10min


Keto for the Family How to make keto a lifestyle for your whole family 22min


Exercise The best strategies for workout that maximize fat burning 9min


Advanced Strategies for Healing and Weight Loss Going beyond diet to heal your body 25min


Ways to Tweak Keto for Better Results or to Break a Stall How to tweak keto for better results and breaking stalls 24min


Building a Successful Business How to setup and run a successful Keto Coaching Business 90min


How to be an Effective Health Coach How to be your clients advocate and coach 28min


Photography Basics and Tips Basics and Tips for making great photos and videos. 45min


Brand-able Meal Plans and Handouts Video instruction and files to brand and use with your clients. 15min


Bonus Presentations Some great presentation from the top researchers in their fields. 720min


Bonus Video Classes 3 bonus classes to help expand your knowledge 360min