Use the below frequently asked questions to learn how to use the site and to answer many common questions.

How do I change or cancel my Subscription?

This video shows you how to change your membership.  Click Here to change yours. 

How do I calculate what my daily macros and calories should be?

Click Here to calculate your calories, fat, protein and carb targets.

Do I count net carbs or total carbs?

We always count total carbs with one exception.  Carbs from erythritol don’t count (Swerve is mainly erythritol) as they aren’t digestible. All of the recipes on this site have the erythritol carbs subtracted so you can always use the total carbs on any of our recipes. 

How do I use the websites features?

This video gives you an overview of how to use the site. 

How do I use the Diary?

 This video shows you how to use the personal Diary for Gold and Platinum members.

How do I enter a recipe of my own?

This video shows you how you can enter your own recipes. They can be from another site, one of your cookbooks or even from our meal plans. 

How do I use the Saved meal plans to generate grocery lists?

This videos shows you how to take the saved meal plans and edit servings sizes and generate grocery lists. 

How do I make modifications to the saved meal plans?

This video shows you how to use saved meal plans and alter them as needed (Gold and Platinum members).