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Answer for How do Exogenous Ketones help?

That is a great question.  There are what I think of as 3 groups of benefical qualities.  I will try to outline them here.

  1. Bodybuilding and athletes. Ketones are fuel for the body, especially when keto adapted.  So adding ketones for athletes and bodybuilders creates another fuel source to fuel workouts. Especially if keto adapted and the body (and muscles) are now using ketones for fuel.
  2. Therapudic.  There are many studies going on looking at the benefits of exogenous (external, versus endogenous which is from your body or fat cells) ketones for dealing with cancer, alzheimers, memory and cognition, etc.  This is an exciting area and Dr. Dom at USF is one of the leaders in this research.
  3. Weight loss or general health improvement. If used for weight loss it has to be used as a tool.  Using exogenous ketones will reduce your apetite and raise your energy levels.  So if you use that to extend a fast, exercise more or longer, then it can be a helpful tool.  But if you just add them (twice a day would add 220 calories) without changing something it likely won’t lead to weight loss.  There are also people that cannot or don’t want to follow a total ketogenic lifestyle. But they get huge improvements in memory, focus, energy, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, etc. but taking exogenous ketones. My sister in law has been plagued with a tingling and numbness in her extremities that has hindered her for some time (she makes wedding cakes).  She took an exogenous ketone supplement and that went away almost immediately. 

I hope this helps. 🙂