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30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse plus PSMF Meal Plans!

Here are BONUS meal plans for the 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse cookbook (click HERE to get it). That include PSMF days from our new ebook The Art of Fat Loss (click HERE to get it).

To quickly find which cookbook each recipe is in, just go HERE to get our full Recipe Index of all our cookbooks!


Meal Plans with PSMF and Over Feeding Days

These meal plans are designed for 2 people with minimal leftovers. You can click on any recipe and below the meal plan adjust servings as needed. Note the recipes labeled with “Leftovers” where you eat the leftover servings from the recipe earlier in the week.

Just download these files to get these meal plans.

Meal Plans:

4 Week Meal Plan

Grocery Lists:

Cleanse plus PSMF Grocery list week1

Cleanse plus PSMF Grocery list week2

Cleanse plus PSMF Grocery list week3

Cleanse plus PSMF Grocery list week4