Carnivore Class – Online Webinar


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Carnivore Class – Online Webinar

October 13th, 12-2PM ONLINE. (you will get an email with details of webinar and login info the day before the class sent to the email you sign up with)

Buy now and learn about the Carnivore diet including:

  • All plants have antinutrients

  • How plants have been hybridized

  • Seasonality of produce

  • The history of the human diet

  • How our digestive system dictates what we are designed to eat

  • Levels of carnivore

  • The Carnivore Autoimmune Protocol

  • Nutrients in meat

  • much more

BONUS! One month of FREE silver membership ($9.95 value, coupon code will be sent after the class)!

NOTE: if you miss the webinar for any reason there will be a recording of it sent out the day after the class. Also, you will get an email the day before the class with the slides and login info for the webinar sent to the email address you paid with.